Group Income Protection

Pays a proportion of employee’s salary if they are off work due to accident or illness for a prolonged period.

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Partnership Protection

Provides a lump sum to the partners to buy out a deceased partner from the business.

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Income Protection and Accident & Sickness

In the event of accident, disability or illness there maybe a need to replace lost income in the event of accident, disability or illness.

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Allows a spouse, civil partner or partner to take out a life insurance which will pay out in the event of another’s death.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance will provide the facility to repay mortgages and debts in the event of your death.

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A trust can be used to protect protection policy funds for the benefit of trustees named.

The FCA do not regulate trusts.

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Whole of Life

Pays out a guaranteed cash sum when you die. Can be used to put in provisions for dependants, funeral expenses or even inheritance tax planning.

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